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Reverse View LEED Optics, Retractable

Models RVL 8-120 M1 & M2

Show M2 Outline Drawing

These eight-inch flange models feature a unique design that ensures reliable, jam-free operation even after many bake-outs. The M1 unit can retract up to one inch from the normal operating position. The M2 unit can retract up to two inches. Three synchronised linear feedthrus mounted on the flange are used to insert and retract the optics. Only three bearings are used on the vacuum side (one for each feedthru). Contact us for an outline drawing showing dimensions and clearances.

Electron Gun:
Beam Diameter Less than 1 mm at sample
Beam Current Up to 1µA
Beam Voltage 0 to 3000V
Materials 304 SST and Al3O2
Filament Long life thoriated Iridium hairpin, easily replaceable
Mounting Gun assembly removable as a single unit
Diameter 15.9 mm OD for minimal collector screen obstruction

Number of Grids Four
Material Hard Chrome-plated 304SST; 40 lines/cm
Transmission 83% per grid
Mesh Orientation Aligned to minimize Moiré effects
Geometry Strong and resilient; may be cleaned if necessary. Grids and collector screen are epicentric

Collector Screen:
Material Ground optical quality Pyrex glass, coated with SnO2 and phosphor
Mounting Special design avoids thermal stresses during bake out, and minimizes chance of damage from mechanical shock
Phosphor P2 is standard, others available. Durable SnO2 coating allows recoating with phosphor

Optics Assembly:
Mounting Complete unit mounted on 8" OD knife edge flange.
Insertion Length, M1 8 inches (flange face to sample) fully inserted
Insertion Length, M2 9 inches (flange face to sample) fully inserted
Sample Clearance .75 inches from forward end of shield
Viewport Integral 4" viewport
Shield Mu metal shield standard, stainless steel available
Electrical Connections Bakeable MHV feedthrus on mounting flange
Viewing Aperture 96º viewed from either front or back


Compatible with Model 11-020 LEED Electronics.

Options & Modifications:

An insertion length of ten inches is also available. Longer insertion lengths are possible but not recommended.

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