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To order a replacement filament call us at (609) 924-0570

To ship LEED optics to PRI for for service or modification, call us to borrow a special shipping container and padded carton. These items will minimize the possibility of damage to your optics while in transit.

Service Notes:

Replacing the Filament in LEED Optics
Changing the Filament Current Limit in the Model 11-020 LEED Electronics

Application Notes:

Using PRI In-Vacuum Stepper Motors
Care and Use of PRI In-Vacuum Motorized Stages
Using PRI Motorized Stages at Cryogenic Temperatures
Using the Beam Voltage Control Board Option with the Model 11-020 LEED Electronics

If you need more help:

nospam (6K) Call us at (609) 924-0570 or e-mail your question to the address shown in the graphic at right. The graphic is necessary to reduce spam sent to our Web site. We regret that we can no longer provide live e-mail links here.

Warranty Policy:

In general, PRI products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve months from the date of shipment to the purchaser. Liability under this warranty is expressly limited to replacement or repair of defective parts. For details, ask for a copy of our warranty statement.


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