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In-Vacuum Motion Systems


Outline Drawings

Our slides provide precise translational movement in high and ultra-high vacuum. They are available in three standard lengths, with custom lengths quoted on request. A selection of gear reductions, motors, and lead screws enable standard step sizes of 3.3, 1.6, or .33 microns. By using half-step exitation, smaller movements are possible.

The slides are the crossed-roller type and normally have aluminum bodies. Rollers and ways are hardened steel and are treated with a special dry film lubrication. In an unbaked system, the aluminum slides will reach the low 10-9 torr range with time. Baking will improve both ultimate pressure and pumpdown performance. Stainless steel slides (special order) will have better vacuum performance.

The following aluminum slides are normally in stock - please call for custom configurations or materials.

Standard Motorized Slides
Model Travel Top Size Base Size Gear Reduction Motor Type Leadscrew Pitch Resolution (microns per step)
S1-23-8BP-40 1" 2" 3" 8 to 1 BP 40 3.3
S2-24-8BP-40 2" 2" 4" 8 to 1 BP 40 3.3
S3-36-8BP-40 3" 3" 6" 8 to 1 BP 40 3.3
S1-23-40AP-80 1" 2" 3" 40 to 1 AP 80 .33

Note: Model S1-23-40AP-80 has been used in scanning tunneling microscopes.

Ask for our comprehensive In-Vacuum Motion Systems Brochure, containing motor, stage, and driver specifications, prices, photos, outline drawings, and application notes. If you have a cryogenic application, read our Application Note Using PRI Motors and Stages at Cryogenic Temperatures. Call us at (609) 924-0570 to discuss custom stages or specialized needs.

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