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About Princeton Research Instruments

PRI was founded in 1980 by Dr. Charles A. Crider. Dr. Crider took his Ph.D. in electrical engineering device physics at Princeton University, with experimental work performed at Bell Laboratories. Initially the company designed and manufactured X-ray and UHV monochrometers and other items for synchrotrons. In 1985 the company began manufacturing reverse view LEED optics for low energy electron diffraction, UHV compatible stepper motors and motorized stages, and related products.

In its early years PRI worked closely with Physical Electronics, Inc. (PHI), a leading maker of surface analysis systems including front view LEED optics. PRI reverse view LEED optics were co-marketed with PHI and were sold with their LEED electronics. In 1993 PRI acquired the entire PHI LEED and HEED product line, enabling the company to furnish complete LEED and HEED systems. The company also provides continuing support and replacement parts for PHI manufactured front view LEED and HEED products.

In 1985 Dr. Crider's development of an in-vacuum stepper motor was cited by Research & Development magazine as one of the 100 most important new technological products of the year. Three sizes of these in-vacuum motors were developed and marketed. A special driver electronics unit for the motors was also developed, as well as a highly sucessful line of translation stages. These stages are fully UHV compatible, and permit sample positioning with sub-micron precision. With proper preparation the stages can be even used at cryogenic temperatures.

PRI products are found in leading research labs around the world. More than 300 LEED optics have been sold. Local references are available on request. Some of our customers are:

Argonne National Lab.
ATT Bell Labs.
Battelle Pacific NW Labs
Boeing High Tech Ctr.
Brookhaven National Lab.
California Institute of Technology
CNR Instituto-Roma
Cornell University
Electrotechnical Lab.
Florida State University
Georgia Tech.
Harvard University
Helsinki University of Technology
Hitachi Ltd.
IBM Almaden
IBM Watson
Kyoto University
Lawrence Livermore National Lab.
McMaster University
Nagoya University
Nat'l Research Council
Naval Research Lab.
NEC Corp.
New York University
Nissan ARC Ltd
North Carolina State University
Osaka Sangyo University
Penn State University
Princeton University
Queens University
Rockwell Science Center
Rowland Institute
Sandia National Labs.
Stanford University
Stevens Institute of Tech.
SUNY Stony Brook
Technical University of Denmark
Texas A&M University
Tohoku University
Tosoh Corp.
UC-Lawrence Berkeley Labs.
University of Aarhus
University of Arizona
University of Calif.-Irvine
University of Calif.-San Diego
University of Calif.-Santa Barbara
University of Chicago
University of Delaware
University of Houston
University of Illinois
University of Lund
University of Maryland
University of Minnesota
University of Texas - Austin
University of Tokyo
University of Uppsala
Xerox Webster Research Ctr.

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