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Reverse View LEED Systems


RETRACTABLE OPTICS (Model RVL 8-120 M series only)


With six models to choose from, PRI offers the widest selection of LEED optics available. Choose the unit that best fits your chamber size and experimental needs. Click links for details.

LEED Optics Flange Size Shutter? Retractable?
Model RVL 6-120 Six Inch NO NO
Model RVL 6-120SH Six Inch YES NO
Model RVL 8-120 Eight Inch NO NO
Model RVL 8-120SH Eight Inch YES NO
Model RVL 8-120 M1 Eight Inch NO One Inch
Model RVL 8-120 M2 Eight Inch NO Two Inches


The Model 11-020 LEED Electronics is designed to operate with all of our reverse view LEED optics, as well as with front view LEED optics formerly manufactured by Physical Electronics, Inc. All necessary voltages, currents, and controls for LEED are included. Click link for details.


Available soon is our new Model AES-1 LEED Auger Electronics unit, which works with and complements the 11-020 LEED electronics. With up to 3 kV of beam voltage available, this unit provides the necessary controls, audio modulation, and voltages to do Auger with our LEED optics and electronics. Click link for a preview.


Custom Insertion Lengths:

We can provide a range of lengths from eight to ten inches at no extra charge. Other lengths are available.


The Models RVL 8-120SH and RVL 6-120SH include a disc shutter to protect the front of the optics. The shutter is controlled by a rotary feedthru on the mounting flange. The shutter requires a clearance of about 3 inches above and beside the optics shield when open. Contact us for outline drawings showing shutter dimensions and required clearances.

Stainless Steel Shield:

A stainless steel shield is available instead of the standard Mu metal shield. The SST shield is intended for customers using Mu shielded vacuum chambers.

Camera Mount Accessory:

A camera mounting bracket is available for Models RVL 8-120 and RVL 8-120SH optics. This bracket was designed for a conventional 35mm SLR camera, but could be adapted for use with a digital camera. Call us for details.

Bellows Jacks for Use with Fixed Optics:

For customers who require the ability to retract our fixed optics, we can provide suitable bellows jacks. Call us for details.


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