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HEED Electron Gun & Control

Model 06-190 Electron Gun & Accessories
Model 20-330 Electron Gun Control

High Energy Electron Diffraction (HEED) techniques provide a qualitative indication of the crystalline structure of epitaxial layers. The Model 06-190 HEED gun with the Model 20-330 Electron Gun Control and Model 425-24 HEED Screen provide a focused beam of electrons to produce structural information. The electrons impinge the sample at a shallow angle. Electrons diffracted by atoms in the first few atomic layers of the sample surface produce a pattern on a phosphor screen. The phosphor screen assembly fits inside a glass viewport (available separately).

The HEED Electron Gun Control consists of four interconnected power supplies that provide lens and filament power for the electron gun. All of the supplies are adjustable using ten-turn potentiometers mounted on the front panel. An analog meter on the front panel displays the emission and filament currents. In addition to the high voltage supplies the HEED control also supplies power to a non-scanning quadropole deflection system for beam steering. The quadropole supply provides an X and Y axis output adjustable by front panel ten-turn potentiometers. An instruction manual is included.

Electron Gun Model 06-190:
Beam Diameter Less than .5 mm at sample
Beam Voltage 1 to 10 keV
Materials 304 SST and Al2O3
Filament Tungsten ribbon (burnout resistant thorium oxide filament optional)
Mounting 114.3 mm (4.5 inch) OD CF flange
Shipping Weight 29.5 kg (65 lb)
Includes Instruction manual

Viewport [sold separately]:
Diameter 4.0 inch
Material Clear glass
Mounting 152 mm (6 inch) OD flange

Screen Assembly Model 425-24:
Screen Diameter 98.4 mm (3.875 inch)
Coated Area Diameter 81.3 mm (3.2 inch)
Screen Thickness 2.3 mm (.092 inch)
Phosphor P-43 Green (UHV compatible and bakeable)
Includes Coated glass and mount ring to fit inside a 152 mm (6 inch) OD CF viewport

Electron Gun Control Model 20-330:
Beam Voltage 0 to -10 keV
Beam Current 200 microamps
Emission Voltage 0 to +130 V (referenced to the beam voltage)
Objective Voltage 0 to -10 keV
Deflection Voltage 0 to 100 V (tracks beam voltage)
Filament Voltage 0 to 10 V (referenced to the beam voltage)
Filament Current 0 to 4.0 A
Cable Kit Sold separately, call for details
Includes Instruction manual
Shipping Weight 16.4 kg (36 lb)

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